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Head Nano TI Tour Badminton Racket

Control meets power in the Head Nano TI Tour badminton racket, perfectly designed for intermediate players.    Head shape: Isometric    Frame: Aluminum    Shaft: Steel    Flex: Medium    Available colors: blue/silver, black/silver, orange/whiteView more

Head Nano TI Pro Badminton Racket

The Head Nano TI Pro badminton racket features the Nano Titanium Technology which is responsible for boosting speed, power, and control.    Head shape: Isometric    Head size: 52sq in    Frame: Aluminum    Shaft: Graphite    Weight: 90 grams    Flex: Medium   View more

Badminton Racket Head Basic Kit

SKU/Code: HD 201150 Everything a player need to get the game going… Basic Kit includes:• 2 pcs. Ti. Power 60 Racquets• 2 pcs. Nylon Shuttles    View more

Badminton Racket Head Ti Explosion 80

 SKU/Code : HD 201151 The Head Ti Explosion 80 Badminton Racket is part of the Titanium series which provide superior stability, great handling and maximum power. Overall they are durable rackets for excellent performance.   Features Flexibility:    Stiff Length:        675mm Frame:       View more

Babolat VS HI LIFE Badminton String Set

    First-grade badminton string    For improved touch and durability    String gauge: 0.80mm    Color: NaturalView more

Babolat Grip Enlarger

    Helps achieve right grip size for better control    Fits all racket sizes    Length: 5 meters    Color: BlackView more

Badminton Racket Head Metallix 2000 Tour

SKU/Code : HD 201047 This superb badminton racket is suited for entry level or beginner players requiring extra power in their game. Part of the Metallix series of Head frames, the Head Metallix 2000 badminton racket is offering increased frame rigidity for extra control and an enhanced blend of frame materials to create an even more powerful frame thanView more

Badminton Racket HEAD METALLIX 4000

SKU/Code : HD 201196 The HEAD Metallix™ 4000 is designed for offensive players similar to the Metallix™ 6000. It's not as head heavy as the Metallix™ 6000 but it produces excellent power. The Metallix™ 4000 has an excellent feel of control and comfort giving its player confidence in every shots.The Head Metallix™ badmintonView more

Badminton Racket Head Metallix 10000 Tour

SKU/Code: HD 201007                                                                              View more

Badminton Racket Head Power Helix 7000

SKU/Code : HD 201021    • Teflon polymer/Metallix/Energy Body   • HEAD Power Frame System   • Head Size: 360 cm2 / 55.89 inch2   • Frame: High-modulus graphite 30%, Graphite 70%   • Shaft: Hot-melt graphite, two-piece molding   • Weight (unstrung): 88 g  View more