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DETAILS   DRIBBLE GOGGLESUse the SKLZ Court Vision dribble goggles for better ball control and improved awareness of the whole court. Forces player to handle the ball with his or her head up to survey the court Improves reaction time against defenders Increases confidence on the court Adjustable elastic strap and soft flexibleView more


DETAILS   12 panel design Rubber cover Use special rubber compound to give a tacky feel and durability Nylon wound Butyl bladder View more


DETAILS   OPTICAL SHOOTING AIDWhether you want to practice shooting threes, free-throws, or baseline jump shots, this optical shooting aid allows for optimal targeting from anywhere on the court. Improve your accuracy by training with this unique visual target in the center of the rim, rather than focusing on the front or the back of theView more


DETAILS   BASKETBALL SHOOTING TRAINERImprove your shooting accuracy and ball control with the ShotLoc. This small shooting trainer spreads fingers for better ball stability and forces players to keep the ball off the palm of the hand. It promotes proper release and follow-through for better shooting and passing. Forces players to keepView more


DETAILS   Official size and weight 12 panel design Made from a special rubber compound for enhanced performance out on the court Provides additional grip to enhance players' performance View more

Mikasa Basketball Air Star

    Made of rubber    Wide channel design    For indoor/outdoor useView more

Molten Basketball GR7

The Molten Basketball GR7 is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and ideal for players ages 14 and up.    New Official 12-panel design    Rubber cover    Nylon wound, butyl bladder    Official size and weightView more