Fortified Wine

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Martini Bianco 1L Fortified Wine

A medium dry vermouth from Martini. This is flavoured with white wine, Alpine herbs and vanilla and is slightly sweeter because of it. First released during the 1910s.View more

Martini Rosso 1L Fortified Wine

MARTINI® Rosso is an Italian vermouth.   Italian vermouth from Pessione at the foothills of the Alps.   Balanced taste as 40 worldwide botanicals are used to create the 4 styles of MARTINI®.   MARTINI® offers versatility for drinking occasions due to its light style it fills the gap between a glass of wine and a soft drink.   MARTINI®View more

Martini Extra Dry 1L Fortified Wine

Enjoy the balanced and delicate Martini® Extra Dry. Its unique character comes, amongst several other gems, from the raspberry and lemon distillates over a background of orris.   In 1863 the founders of the company in Torino invented a unique and secret recipe, mixing a selection of aromatic herbs and high quality wines coming at that time from theView more